// Savannah is a writer and journalist based in New York City. 

Savannah began her writing career at USC when she became a contributor for Neon Tommy (now USC Annenberg Media), the student-run digital publication sponsored by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. She is a freelance Medium writer and journalist who has been published in numerous media outlets including QuartzPopsugarArtzray and The Grid.
You can find Savannah over at The Tylt where she is currently the Politics Editor.


Facebook Live Interview With NowThis News
Writer Savannah L. Barker talks Hillary Clinton, feminism and politics

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The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Remembering America’s Most Controversial First Lady

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The question as to why many Millennials —and millennial feminists in particular— seem to have turned their backs on Hillary Clinton has been explored at length this primary season. The mainstream media has come to varying conclusions: Hillary is “not feminist enough,” Hillary is “part of the establishment,” and Bernie’s youthful idealism is more appealing than Hillary’s less sexy pragmatism.

All of these factors undoubtedly play a large role in the overall negative perception some Millennials have of Hillary Clinton, but the more obvious answer is simply this: we Millennials are coming to know Hillary Clinton after 20 years of relentless personal and political attacks.

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